Will An Abandoned Argentinian Casino Ship Be Saved?

Casino Ship

A casino ship in Argentina has been languishing in the Iguazu River since 2012. It has been reported that an Argentinian hotel and hospitality company Comercial de Turismo wants to breathe a new life into the giant nine-story ship that has been rotting away for over eight years.  If travelling from Canada to Argentina or Brazil to gamble is too adventurous you can always bet online at Woo Casino Canada.

The company views the ship as a great investment as it can attract tourists from Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, which all border the Iguazu river. 

They recently purchased the ship for an undisclosed fee but said they have a budget of over $50 million to turn the boat into a high-quality cruise ship and gambling facility.

Comercial de Turismo has no prior experience in gambling or casinos, but the company believes its experience running successful hotels throughout Argentina and in Buenos Aires will help guide the ship to success.

How Big Is The Argentian Casino Ship

The casino ship is 300 feet long and 60 feet wide and was originally constructed in 1962. It has nine floors with over 50 cabins, a number of swimming pools, multiple saunas, sun tanning facilities and a gym. The boat has large gaming facilities, which can be found on four floors and include table games and slots. 

Project Strongly Supported By Argentinan, Brazilian And Paraguayan Governments 

The three countries are eager to speed up the development of the triple frontier Iguazu river region after first declaring it a tourism zone in 2015. They envision that the area bordering all three countries can attract millions of tourists annually from all of the nations. 

The triple border zone is just 4 miles south of Brazil’s already world-famous Iguazu Falls. The falls have over 280 different waterfalls, with some as high as 300ft, making them the biggest in the world.

The Brazilian government thinks that adding a gambling option to the region should attract a wider range of tourists who could check out the waterfalls during the day and play blackjack in the evening.

Government officials from Paraguay and Argentina are in talks with Comercial de Turismo and are keen to clear any obstacles to get the operation working as soon as possible.

Comercial de Turismo expects the casino to provide over 250 full-time jobs in the region, which could really boost the local economy.

Is Gambling Legal Along The Triple Frontier

Gambling has long been legal in Argentina and Paraguay. However, most forms of gambling are still illegal in Brazil apart from the government lottery and sports betting, which was legalized in 2018. 

It is expected that casinos in Brazil will be legalized in 2022, which has many operators eyeing up the nation as it is viewed as one of the largest untapped markets in the world.

Comercial de Turismo will be hoping Brazil legalizes casinos in time for the opening of its casino ship. Otherwise, they will have to speed through Brazilian waters and cross the border before offering gambling services to their guests.

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